Kid Lab



Kid Lab is located in the Longview Park neighborhood in east Raleigh NC.  Every effort has been made to turn the Lab into an environment that fosters learning and creativity.  Within the indoor space, there are areas designated for doodling, reading, observing and painting.  A self-serve area allows children to grab materials to make projects, while a separate area (not within their reach) gives the teacher access to other shared Lab supplies.

Not feeling creative?  That's ok.  Check out the science & discovery area where you can look at insects under a magnifying glass, read about dinosaurs that used to roam the earth, or try to classify a flower.  

Step outside and you might be greeted by a dragonfly or spot a turtle in the lake.  You can help water the plants in the patio garden, make some music on the outdoor sound wall, or grab a "busy board" activity and blanket, then crawl inside the teepee.  

Kid Lab is also equipped with a full bathroom.  A child's potty seat, a stepping stool and diapering amenities have also been added to help in the toileting process no matter what stage your child is in.

Welcome to Kid Lab.  We're glad you're here!



In the spring of 2015, Kid Lab founder Shannon Newby moved into a home on a lakefront property in east Raleigh, NC with her family.  Immediately, plans were made to transform the sunroom into a studio for Shannon and their daughter to work side by side.  Soon after, the idea for Kid Lab was born with hopes of extending the creative fun to other families.

With a background in education and art, Shannon has a passion for creating experiences that invite playful learning.  Shannon graduated from Taylor University in 2006 with a degree in studio art and went on to complete a master's program in Applied Theology and the Arts from Regent College in 2013.  She has worked with the Portland Children's Museum and Marbles Kids Museum in the past to create site-specific work.  And more recently, she has been working with local public schools as a teaching artist in residence.  Examples of her work can be found at