Kid Lab


Is Kid Lab currently open?

Currently, Kid Lab is under construction.  We hope to open our doors again soon.  In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @kidlabraleigh for activity ideas and inspiration! 

What is the teaching philosophy behind Kid Lab?

Research shows that giving children open-ended materials (like sticks, clay, paint, cloth, wood) builds confidence, competency, independence and authentic expression.  It can also help children avoid boredom as they begin seeing the creative potential in everything.  In short, it fosters imagination!  At Kid Lab, we offer this kind of learning space for kids of all ages.  We know firsthand how work, play and learning are virtually synonymous when it comes to brain development in children.  While we offer demonstrations and ideas about how to use the materials, we get excited when kids go above and beyond and let their imaginations dictate the process and product.  

What is Kid Lab like?  What can I expect?

Every effort has been made to make Kid Lab a fun, safe and creative space for children and their caregivers.  The Lab has a full bathroom with a child potty seat, step stool, and wash basin.  Tables, chairs and shelves are at kid height, and indoor and outdoor stations are set up to give children ample opportunities to explore and use their imaginations.  If you'd like more of a sneak peek into the Lab, check us out on Instagram @kidlabraleigh or #kidlabraleigh

Where exactly is Kid Lab located?

The Lab is nestled in the Longview Park neighborhood, near Wake Med hospital in East Raleigh, NC.  Since Kid Lab is an extension of a private residence, an exact address will be given at the time of registration or upon direct inquiry.  

What does the class fee include?

The registration fee includes all materials needed for each class session.  A percentage of the fee goes towards shared classroom materials like aprons, trays, paint, brushes, etc.  At the end of each class, children can take their projects home and we encourage caregivers to continue the fun!

What should I bring to class?

Aprons and smocks will be available for use during the messiest projects, but each participant should be dressed in clothes that can get messy.  Please refrain from bringing toys, snacks or additional items.  

What happens if my child has to miss a class?

Please see the ‘Policies’ section below.

May I invite friends or relatives to come along?

We love having visitors!  If you plan on having a special guest with you, please contact us in advance to ensure we have additional seating on hand.  

My child is shy.  Are you going to require s/he participates?

At Kid Lab, kids are the boss!  Instruction will be given on projects but emphasis is always on open-ended play.  There are a few areas in the Lab that can suit children needing quieter activities and kids are always welcome to opt out of an activity in favor of a different one.

Do you offer private lessons, birthday parties or space rentals?

Yes!  If you'd like your kid(s) and their friends to have the Kid Lab experience, contact us with your specific needs and we'll get in touch.



Refunds and Make up classes

Due to the small nature of each class, a full refund cannot be issued with cancellation less than 1 week prior to a class start date.  If you wish to cancel prior to the 1 week deadline, please contact us to make arrangements for a refund or for class rescheduling.  At this time make-up sessions are not available for any missed classes.



Please stay at home if your child has any of the following symptoms:

- fever (within last 24 hours)

- coughing

- sneezing

- diarrhea (within last 24 hours)

- vomiting

- rash or skin irritation



If a child is being disruptive or hurtful, we may ask the child (with an accompanying caregiver if it applies) to ‘take a break’.  Usually this takes the form of redirecting the child to another activity or to step outside of the class area and take a walk until the child has calmed down.  In an extreme case, a caregiver may be called to pick up the child early from class.