Thoughts on being a missionary

As Erik and I continue to get closer and closer to moving to Germany, I can’t help but paint about themes of home, moving, missions, and the work God has called us to. This is a sort of self-portrait I did recently. The light bulb with feet is me. :) I will most likely be using this symbol in a lot of upcoming pieces, as I continue to reflect on the years ahead.

The collage elements also carry meaning. The image is taken from a quirky book about planting. The caption reads “Plants that grow in the desert.” Europe is like a spiritual desert and we pray that we will be able to be firmly rooted in Christ and drink from His life-giving water. We pray that those we encounter will be encouraged to do the same.

The number 7 in Scripture is also meaningful. It’s a number representing God, holiness, and completeness. We pray God would be glorified in all we do.