I have a major art show coming up (entitled Communitea) and although I’m nervous and feel like I’m pinning my heart up on the wall, I am full of joy and anticipation. There are 38 works in all and they are about the the relationships we all crave, the ones we cherish, the ones we despise, the ones we mourn….

The quick hello to the cashier at the grocery store, the phone call to our best friend, funeral of a loved one, date with your spouse to dinner…these are the moments that color our lives. 

The works will be in the shape of a honeycomb on the wall and each piece is a complete entity of itself.  But each is interconnected in content and format to the others.  Each individual is unique, but can only be accepted as such inside the greater context of its community.

With the arrangement of the pieces on the wall, combined with my artist statement and (hopefully!) plenty of tea to drink and spur on conversation… I hope and pray this show will be a progressive art installation. As individual pieces sell and “walk away” with their owner, I hope the gaps in the show will be missed, but new clusters of work and mini-communities will be formed.  

The postcards are in the printing process, so I’ll post the formal invitation to the show later.  For now, here’s a little more about the symbolism in the work:

Here are a few of my thoughts on the symbolism.  The beauty of art is, however, that you would bring your own thoughts to my work.  :)

tea bag = one person and their respective thoughts, the desire to be ‘known’ (think: a conversation shared with friends over a warm cup of tea)

bird = movement (some with other birds in the context of community, others are flying solo)

torn book pages = the backdrop of a story unfolding 

natural beeswax = life is colorless without the things that make it “life” 

colored dots [in honeycomb pattern] = conversations, thoughts, the things that ‘color’ our lives and we desire to share with each other


With that in mind, here are a few works.  (sorry for the low-quality images)