painting excavation

I began painting again today because it’s warmed up quite a bit! That’s good news for me because I have to ventilate my studio with open windows. :)

This is my newest project I’m working on. It’s for our friend’s first baby.

The interesting thing about this painting is that it’s undergone quite a bit.  For months, it sat around in this stage:   (I hated it and actually hid it behind furniture so I wouldn’t have to look at it.)  

A few months ago, I added about 6 more layers of wax and included incised lines and returned it to its place behind the couch.

But I took it back out today and began painting new layers on top of it to give it yet another new life. After the yellow/ gold layers, I decided to peel back the wax inside the tree shape. What laid underneath was a perfect light green texture I had completely forgotten about!! I had done image transfers and line work and now it has been rediscovered. This painting kind of feels like I’m an archaeologist on an excavation, digging into the painting – not knowing what little treasures I’ll uncover.  

Here’s my excavation progress today: