seeing honeycombs

men’s bathroom floor in Pittsburgh


Everywhere I go, I’m seeing honeycomb patterns.  It’s quite fun actually and it’s been pushing me to put the finishing touches on my paintings for the Feb art show.  After trying to rack my brain how to finish the series, I saw a honeycomb pattern in some scraps of bubble wrap I had laying out.  I have used bubble wrap before to leave imprints in the wax and loved the results.  (light bulb went off in my head – and VOILA – 8 hours later… the body of work was really starting to look finished!)


Also, someone blogged about me today.  Ironically, it fit well with the theme of the show, as the blog post was all about drinking tea!  She features one of my new art pieces (for sale in etsy shop). Thanks Rikrak! Check out the blog post here:



Here’s a sneak peek at some finished pieces.