February Week 1 free give away!!

To celebrate “For the Love of the Bee” month, I’ll be giving away something FREE each week in Feb. *It’ll be something wax-related*  The only requirement to enter?  Answer the question and submit your answer.  I will randomly draw 1 winner from the entries each Friday evening.  The week’s winner will be announced (and notified) each Saturday.  So without further ado…



“You Make Me Blush”  encaustic wax set which includes:

1) Blushing Peach (semi-translucent)

2) Lipstick On The Collar Pink (semi-translucent)


 *Each muffin is approx 2 oz of wax *



QUESTION:  In the first BEE team podcast with Jay Heininger (of Save the Bees), what did Jay say the name of his first novel was?   Listen to the podcast here to find the answer!



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