To celebrate


To celebrate “For the Love of the Bee” month, I’ll be giving away something FREE each week in Feb. *It’ll be something wax-related*  The only requirement to enter?  Answer the question and submit your answer.  I will randomly draw 1 winner from the entries each Friday evening.  The week’s winner will be announced (and notified) each Saturday.  So without further ado…



“Wax and Wane”  encaustic tutorial:

Learn how to do encaustic painting! This helpful 18 page tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to get started in painting with hot wax.  Learn from 6 other Etsy encaustic artists! Each shares their own experience with the medium as well as techniques that have worked for them. Exclusive interviews with:


Michelemaule, Tangledskystudio, Kbean, Charmfoundry, Mimidoodles & Lvhdesigns



QUESTION:  In the BEE team podcast with Melissa Hronkin what did she say she used to create her “Guardian figures?”   Listen to the podcast here to find the answer!