cells cells cells!



I’ll admit, science is NOT my strong point.  My dad is a retired middle school science teacher, but I definitely didn’t inherit any scienc-y knowledge-y genes.  But I am terribly fascinated with it from an artist’s perspective.  

Recently, I’ve been stumbling onto these beautiful images of cells.  As a wax artist, I translate everything I see with the question “Could I do that with wax?”  These images SCREAMED encaustics.  (For fellow obsessive encaustic artists reading this, you’ll see what I mean).  So this last week, I have been attempting to recreate cellular magic with the wax.  ;)


On the left is the inspiring photo or diagram.  On the right is my attempt at recreating it.  I am enjoying the results so far, but want to push this a lot further… To see more of my cell series or to purchase one, see my newbyart etsy site.