Day 7

This morning Scott Burnett from UPC shared with us about eager anticipation and what it is to “groan” alongside of creation for completion, wholeness, right-ness. In particular, it seemed we could all resonate with this idea of eager anticipation: we all came in to the residency having some ideas about what we could do, what we could create…but we have been anticipating what the results will be. Scott mentioned that implied in this process is patience. Almost an oxymoron- eager, patient anticipation. But yet, there’s truth in that and we’re all living it out in the studio.

Along with days of progress comes slow days and with it, frustration. Today was one of those days for me, but I’m clinging to the fact that with some rest, a few hours away from the studio and people (I’m an INFJ personality type), and some alone time with the Lord, tomorrow could be better.  Patiently, eagerly, anticipating…
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