Day 8

So as it were, I got swamped the last few days of the residency.  We were all in our own zones and putting our noses to the grindstone.  But it was a real joy to witness the silent determination of each artist in the last few days of this project…and somehow it all sort of came together.  (Sorry for the delay of posts 8-10)  :)

Day 8, we started our morning with talking about the book “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde.  This book has proven to be a great book for all of us, in giving us the language we need to express why we do the things we do!  The discussion seemed short (we could’ve gone on for days), but fruitful.  Roger challenged me to keep this book by my bedside for at least two years.  :)  There’s certainly s a lot in this book I need to glean from.

We had some studio visits today – including Maria and Brian Fee.  Maria works with Redeemer Church in New York city in the Center for Faith and Work, and she had some great insight into what’s going on there in terms of church involvement in the arts.  We were blessed to have them stop by!

The rest of the day was spent in work mode.  Progress was certainly made and each artist was thoughtful and a good steward of their time.  Several took little side trips to make the most of seeing some of Vancouver.

Erik and I were in charge of dinner for this night – and we wanted to treat everyone to a fun, communal meal that means a lot to us (particularly Erik).  So we brought out the raclette grill and all the goodies for a full-on feast!  We also brought a home-made strudel (from the European bakery right around the corner from us) and the whole meal was about fellowship and enjoying each other’s company.

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