a little goes a long way

Here in Canada, the Christmas season has already begun.  (that will certainly take some getting used to!)  So, we decided to crank up the 50′s Christmas jingles and begin sprucing up our apartment with shades of red and green.  We *love* decorating, and living on a pretty strict budget forces us to get creative in how we can decorate for next to nothing.  If you only have $10 to spend this season, I’d recommend buying a set of empty glass ornaments and filling them up with things you find around your house.  It’s a creative challenge and if you stick to a color scheme, they can look surprisingly uniform and elegant.  Here’s a set I created last year.  They’re some of our favorite decorations now!






Also, find some empty jars or vases and filling them up with red, green, or even blue odds and ends can instantly transform your apartment into a festive one!  I found red and white thread spools I had laying around…and added some pinecones (I got from the dollar store a few years ago).




All that to say, a little goes a long way!  Next on my list – finishing my advent calendar garland (from paper scraps), and creating some cute little button wreaths.  Here are some pictures I found that will get your creative juices flowing:



from Whipupnet.com



from Martha Stewart