New Year

Happy New Year!

In lieu of some great blog posts I’ve been seeing on New Year’s resolutions, here are a few of mine.  I tend to be a bit of a goal-setter anyways, so I’ll not bore you with all the 2010 goals I have…just a few of the highlights.

Number 1

{write more often.}

il_fullxfull.74951362Typewriter by Michele Maule

I’d like to own a vintage typewriter before 2010 is over, and begin joining some friends here in Vancouver at their monthly letter writing parties.  Make no mistake: making hand made cards and envelopes + having pen pals to write to NEVER gets old.


{paint every week.}


With a full load of grad classes, painting often takes a back seat.  No excuses this semester: I have a sweet guided study lined up with artist Erica Grimm Vance and a friend that is going to hook me up with a local beekeeper.  And in the summer, I hope to learn the art of Nihonga painting with Mako!


{read a book a month.}


Like my sister in law, I’ve been thinking about reading a book a month for awhile now.  Life is short and there’s so much amazing literature out there.   It’s an ambitious goal and probably won’t happen, but my best friend and I have plans to keep each other in line on this one…


{practice German.}


Speaking, writing, reading – the whole shabang.  It’s a beautiful language and one that I hope to be fluent in someday.


{celebrate augenschmaus.}

Trinity Artists 5×15 06-08-09: Jeff Guy & Erik Newby from Erik Newby on Vimeo.

A German word that I am in love with: “augenschmaus” which means a feast for the eyes.  It would normally be used in context of food, but my goal is to find augenschmaus everywhere and celebrate it!  This video that Erik and our friend Jeff made, is an example of extravagant augenschmaus!


{celebrate the ordinary.}

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 1.17.55 PM

It’s easy ~as a visual artist~ to get excited about “eye feasts” but it’s more of a discipline to find beauty in the most ordinary and unassuming of places.   With some of our best friends, Erik and I have set out to photograph something every day and by doing so, celebrate the beauty in it.  I hope 2010 will be a great year for the diptych project!


{go 100% handmade.}

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 1.32.47 PM

Although most of my gifts are already hand-made, this year I want everything I give to be 100% made with love and thoughtfulness.


{become a cheerleader.}

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 2.12.54 PM

linocut print by Phaedra Taylor

Particularly, being a cheerleader for other artists.  Encouragement goes a long way and if we can affirm the gifts of the people around us, the world will be a better place.  (and that’s not just me practicing my Miss America speech.  :)


{make bread.  often.}


If I can admit any food weakness on this blog, it would certainly have to be bread.  Warm, fresh bread from the oven.  Augenschmaus!  This year, I want to learn how to make all kinds of fresh loaves.  {If you’re in the Vancouver area, come join us for soup and bread each week on Sunday afternoons!}


{don’t rush 2010.}


2010 Letterpress Calendar by DelphineStudio

It’s tempting to always look ahead.  Especially while I’m in grad school and I am anticipating each new semester as one step closer to graduating and moving forward with our life plans and dreams.  But this year, I don’t want to always look ahead (or look back).  And inevetiably, the year will go by fast – so I want to enjoy each day as a gift and something to be treasured.

happy new year