in the studio today

I went back at it today to wrap up this piece by adding a dried hydrangea and a few extra layers of wax.   (The images aren’t the best, so I’ll take more later, but I wanted to get these up right away!)  Here’s the result of “By Its Cover” #4:



And I managed to crank out another one (Number 5).  I was on a roll and forgot to take pictures of it in progress, but here’s the end result:



For this piece, I kept going with the landscape concept by cutting up a green book entitled “Creation Revealed,” and curled book pages creating the soil.


And I made some finishing tweaks to Number 3.  Here’s the result:




This series has been really fun to work on and has pushed me to be more sculptural in my work.  I’m taking a break from the studio this weekend, but hope to make more progress next week…