in the studio today

For the last two days, I’ve been fighting a cold.  It’s the first time since coming to Vancouver that I’ve gotten a cold– I blame it on the weather going from see-my-own-breath cold to I-can-wear-flip-flops warm. Regardless, I knew if I wanted to make the most of my break from classes, I had better get in the studio some today!


This piece will be number 4 in the “By Its Cover” series *when it’s finished.*  In the last few days, I’ve decided to experiment with different frames.  The idea occurred to me that using meaningful objects (that have been recycled) would not only be a cheap option, but also add to the overall concept of each piece.

Here’s the process (and result) of this piece so far:



A trusty green vintage suitcase ($1 at a local thrift store), and a lot of tools to try to separate the top from the bottom.



When I had the top and bottom halves separated, I began to tear out the old fabric that was lining the suitcase.



Next, I gathered up some old books (also thrift store finds), tore off their covers to reveal ragged, natural tan and brown colored spines.  Knowing the depth of the suitcase they’d go in, I then began cutting each book down to size with a ruler and an xacto knife.



This is a common sighting in my studio: tons and tons of torn book pages.  Materials for a future piece, perhaps?



Next, I set the cut books into place to create an earth-y landscape.



Next, I carefully poured hot wax into the suitcase.  I titled the suitcase to ensure that the wax was trickling down through the “landscape” (book spines).  I did this several times – fusing between layers – to be sure the books were staying in place.



Here’s the piece so far.  Tomorrow, I’ll pour more layers of wax in, add a “tree” (another dried hyndrangea?), and brainstorm how to secure wire to the back so the piece can hang.  But for now, I think I’m going to try to find some chicken-noodle-soup and 7 Up and watch the Olympics!