As part of my weekly schedule, I spend at least a couple of hours researching contemporary artists and engaging with their work and letting their creativity fuel my own.  For me, (currently knee deep in grad school papers and projects) I rely on this time of augenschmaus to not only keep me inspired, but to keep from going stir crazy!

I am currently enjoying the works of encaustic installation and sculpture artists: Beth Dary and Deborah Kapoor.



Beth’s work is playful and light, and reminds me (almost literally with this installation) of the spontaneity of a child running and blowing bubbles.  Her use of ordinary materials like pins, linen, steel wire, wax, etc is both simple and complex at the same time.








I am mostly drawn to Deborah’s sculpture work.  She uses encaustic as her medium and like many of us artists, incorporates a whole host of other materials to create any single piece.  I am drawn to her careful but expressive use of spiritual themes.  In her artist statement she writes: “I choose this material for its ability to express the emotional range from frailty to strength, as we are capable of experiencing the gamut.”