diptych project

For the last 7 months, Erik and I have been uploading a photo a day (M-F) alongside of some of our best friends – Kathryn and Joel (who live far away).  All four pictures get placed in 2 pairings, to create 2 dipytchs each day.  Erik created a rad website to upload the photos to. You can see it here.


Here’s our summary of the endeavor:

“Similar to the photo a day challenge, the diptychs project challenges you to take a photo a day, except that you are in a community. Two of the daily photos are randomly paired, creating a single piece of art. The results are fascinating as snapshots from everyday life of different perspectives and physical locations are brought together.


A diptych is a photograph that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single artistic statement. The two images can literally be in contact with each other, or separated by a border or frame.”

This has been a wonderful daily “augenschmaus” and a project we hope to continue for a long time!  Here are some of my favorite diptychs since the project began.  There are some really interesting things happening here — conceptually, visually, etc. Enjoy!


friday, october 23  2009





tuesday, october 27  2009



friday, october 30  2009



monday, november 2  2009



friday, november 6  2009


monday, november 9  2009



tuesday, dec 1  2009



friday, december 4  2009



friday, december 11  2009



friday, january 8  2010



friday, january 11  2010



tuesday, march 23  2010



wednesday, april 14  2010