installation art, augenschmaus and a dream

Last week, some of my recent work was compared to Magdalena Abakanowicz’s.  A high compliment that I won’t soon forget.  The compliment was a generality– that is, it was only meant to say that my work could be seen to go in a similar direction: large scale installations with an acute awareness of materiality and a beautiful (but haunting) grasp of humanity.  It was enough of a compliment to kick start my wee little brain into high gear, daydreaming about filling large empty rooms of whitewashed walls or brown and red brick with larger-than-life installations.  Given a giant white space (a blank canvas), I’m convinced I could transform it a thousand different ways, and perhaps only one of those ideas I’d be satisfied with.  Regardless, it would be a phenomenal opportunity to explore my recent obsession with these materials: wax dipped book pages, organza and translucent fabrics, thread, rope, yard sticks and measuring tapes, tea bags, chicken wire, tree branches, and light.


If I’m really allowed to dream big, I’d “hire” two of my best friends to be with me in the venture: Phaedra and Kathryn.  We’d spend at least a week working collaboratively to transform the space into an exhibition of augenschmaus, and a celebration of earth-y materials.  Phaedra would work in lost wax casting (and I’d watch in utter amazement and try to soak it all up!) and she’d surely bring in some of her experience in sculpture work and printmaking, while Kathryn could work on some large scale pieces involving multiple layers of wax and thread, and exploring her love for sculpture as well.  I’m convinced it would be a fruitful artist residency for all three of us!


Anyone out there have a space I (we) could take over for a week or two?  :)

In the meantime, I’ll keep daydreaming and drooling over the work of Magdalena Abakanowicz.  Thank you Erica, for the compliment and the invitation to dream in big, earthy installations.