the 180 project

I like making art.  I like community.  I like making art in, with and for community.  So I had an idea for a show we’ve called “the 180 Project.”


Take 14 artists.  Many of whom do not know each other.  Match them up, ask them to choose a binary theme or concept (like urban / suburban, isolation / intimacy, etc) and let them create artwork in dialogue with their partner artist.  Hang paired artwork together, creating an entire show of “diptychs.”


I’m happy to say the idea has caught on, the work has been made and the opening is this Friday night at the Boulevard Cafe on UBC campus!  We’d love to see you there!


Here are some sneek peak pictures…




Frantic Simplicity

encaustic, dress patterns, oil paint on panel

(c) Shannon Newby 2010



my work paired with Paradigm (oil on canvas) by Leah Yin


detail of Frantic Simplicity


detail of Frantic Simplicity