Nihonga Day 10

We have reached a point in the class where Mako is doing less teaching and we are doing more independent work.  So today I spent most of the class time (and much of the afternoon)


mounting these little guys on canvas boards,



and adding layer



after layer



after layer of oyster shell white to these 3 cradled boards.



And finally some azurite blue.



Meanwhile, I prepped a small box for my recent waxed book piece.



I poured encaustic medium into the box and let my piece set.



I’ll come back to it on Monday (after it’s completely cooled), make some touch-ups and probably finish it!



Last on my list for the afternoon was to try to finish this piece.  I added oyster shell white (top), and more ash gray (bottom).


Then I added some encaustic medium to the middle section, propping it up while I fused in order to get a drip effect.



Then I went back in to put on last touches with titanium white (a brighter / opaque white) and scraped back some of the wax.



Then I turned it every which way to see which direction this piece should be read.  This is what I decided on.  For now, I’ll say the piece is done and I’m pleased with it, but I may change my mind after the weekend and I’ve had time to be away from it!  :)

Happy weekending!