Nihonga Day 13

Sadly, there are only 2 more days left!  So we’ve all been working extra hard to try to take full advantage of Mako’s expertise and input, as well as the beautiful studio space on UBC’s campus.



I pushed myself hard on these 3 pieces again.  (My goal is to have them done by Friday evening!)



I added a few layers of wax to each,



and built up some brown layers so that the bottoms of each piece would be the darkest and thickest.




Then I added more oyster shell white, letting some of it overlap with the wax (to create an interesting resist)



then I went back in to give the rock piles some blue pastel highlights.



Stepping back, I decided that the blue should be subtly extended to the top portions of the pieces as well.



Next – right before making a big decision (which would have altered the piece drastically), I hung it up and invited 2 friends to help me critique the work.  [there's nothing quite like having friends to help you look more objectively at your work!!]



They forbid me to make that decision [thanks guys!] and helped me pinpoint the weak areas that still needed work.



I hated to leave the studio this afternoon – knowing that the work is getting closer and closer to being done, but I also knew that if I continued  without first stepping back to do some writing and reflecting on where the work is headed, I would definitely be tempted again to make quick rash decisions (and perhaps at a time when no one else was there to stop me!)  Ah, to learn to navigate between patience and intuition!