Nihonga Day 15

Sadly, this was our last day.  After spending an average of 8 hours in the studio every day (and days like yesterday, 15!) I am looking forward to a break from working and trying to articulate my thoughts better in writing.



some people purchased more pigments (to experiment with later).



They all looked so beautiful.



I was tempted to buy some, but resisted.  :)



Mako showed us how to gild with gold and silver!  What a fantastic way to end the class!!







(and he sprinkled gold onto one of my little practice pieces.  How cool – my own little Mako collaboration!)



And I showed him my final pieces.


Thanks Mako for such a great class!!  For those of you interested in learning more of the specifics about our class, you can visit the class’s blog.  And you can buy your very own pocket microscope here (the best way to experience the light refractions)!