Nihonga Day 2

Today, the weather was good enough for working with the paper (not too dry / not too damp), so we spent most of our class-time learning how to:



soak our hake brushes







“cut” the paper with a bone-folder





and separate the paper to show off the beautiful fibers





create mixture for sizing the paper





listened to Mako talk about how “you just know” when the formula is right [how much of art-making is pure intuition!]



and sized a large sheet of paper and let it dry with “dosa.”



Then in the afternoon, I came back to the studio to set up my little corner.



After which, I felt properly oriented and my head immediately got clearer.  Funny how a sense of space can become familiar and “homey” in just a matter of minutes!


My creative exercise for the day was to build a little mini collage and tack it on the wall; I imagine this will grow as the class continues, but for now I like how quirky it already is.