Nihonga Day 3

Today Mako taught us a bit more about the process of layering,


how to use a mortar and pestle to grind pigments (if they need to be finer)


and we then got to make our own batch of ochre.



After Mako talked about the need for wonderment and play in the art-making process this morning, I decided to put up a little visual reminder next to my space.  We all need reminding sometimes that we are *supposed* to play and have a child-like wonder at the beautiful world around us.


Then I did just that: I found some berries outside and crushed them up to try to use them as pigment.  (Who knows if it’ll be color-fast or durable, but I think I’ll keep experimenting with more kinds of natural dye and pigment!)


After my brushes had been thoroughly soaked, I also played a bit with the ochre and berry pigments.



Then most of my afternoon was spent falling in love with dipped book pages all over again!  I took apart a book, then began the process of dipping, fusing and cooling the wax.


The result so far is quite nice (in my opinion).  A delicate flower-like bloom coming out of the book, as if the book itself has been turned inside out.


It still needs some work, but it was fun to spend the afternoon getting back into encaustic and sculpture.  (we don’t know enough yet of the Nihonga techniques to do much with it – so it will be interesting to try some of the encaustic + new materials together after I’ve gotten a bit further in the course)


Laura spent the afternoon setting up her space and working on some new oil paintings.



Laura’s brushes.  (don’t you just love seeing other people’s materials and brushes??)



Jess also got set up today too and began working on some drawings.


…there will be more progress tomorrow!