Nihonga day 4

Mako demonstrating sumi ink



getting my batches ready



sumi-ink, sprayed with some water



I thought I’d try my hand at some more unusual sources of pigment.  So today’s experiment: blueberries!


Meanwhile, on the other side of the studio…



Jess began experimenting with water and sumi-ink dropped onto her conte drawing.



Then I heard a giggle and a “whoa!”   [Jess had discovered that the droplets didn't soak into the paper at all - but formed beads on the top of the surface!]



So in a moment of pure wonderment, we began blowing the water beads around, watching them bounce off each other.  For those few moments, we were all kids again.



I continued experimenting on my piece from yesterday – layering the sumi-ink on the first layer of ochre.



and I set up 4 6×6″ mini experiment pieces, to test my new and old materials: ochre  [new], burnt umber dried pigment [old], salmon berries [new], sumi ink [new] and beeswax [old]   (ps – the blueberries didn’t end up working – they were too fleshy)



I began to overlap the materials some,



doodled a bit with the sumi-ink,



and sprinkled some tiny seeds onto a piece while it was drying – just for the fun of it.



I wonder what tomorrow will hold!