Nihonga Day 6



We learned how to make rice glue


(which looked a lot like tapioca).



Jess made a batch of oyster shell white on her own



and Laura worked hard on experiment pieces.



It’s a brand new week, which means brand new experiments!  I set up a new batch of 5 4×4″ pieces to work on.



For the first layer on each, I used mica mixed with gofun (the “glue” of Nihonga), and some oyster shell white.



and after it dried, I began adding blue (azurite).



My favorite one so far is this one.



While that was drying, I returned to my wood panel from last week and worked a lot on the right side of the piece.



I used different kinds of pigment (mica and oyster shell white, as well as pastel and titatium white dried).




I like what’s happening so far.


The trick is to keep it simple, so I decided to leave it at that for the day.  It will be good to look at them again with fresh eyes tomorrow morning.