Nihonga Day 7


Mako talked more about minerals [passionately]



like Azurite blue



and he tried out my microscope.



So then we each took our turn, ooohing and ahhhing at the sparkly minerals.  It felt like going on a treasure hunt!



Then it was time to get down to business.  First thing on the list: getting set up in a new space.



It was only a temporary set back.  Within minutes, it felt homey and inspiring again.



Next on my checklist for the day: adding some malachite green to the mini-experiment pieces.



These are not colors I would normally gravitate towards or use on my palette, but I’m enjoying learning more about the process as I try these.



And I set up a few more experiment pieces to try tomorrow.  This time, I tried sizing dress pattern paper.



Next on my to-do list was to get a new panel prepped.  I first started on with a little encaustic medium on the right side.



Then I added some blue wax and a layer of clear shellac (mixed with burnt umber dried pigment).



Then I took it outside to torch it!  [ever since discovering this video, I've been dying to try this!!]



Not too shabby for the first time around, but there’s a lot more to discover I’m sure!






Then I did a little pencil drawing of a branch and sized the other side (to prep for Nihonga).  Then I added white pigment in a sort of cellular shape.





Last on my list was to prep 3 more panels (this time, they’re cradled – so they’ll be ready to hang).  I have lots of ideas for these, but like everything in this process, it will require a steady balance of patience and hard and fast discipline.



Laura was prepping her wood panels too



and letting them dry.