Nihonga Day 8

Today we all experimented more with our newfound knowledge of Nihonga materials.


Meet Peggy: a superstar Nihonga painter.  :)



I love seeing what everyone comes up with!



First, I returned to my experiments and added white pigment (mixed with glue).



Then I spent some time lightly sanding the top surface (on the left side) on one of my pieces.  Then I took out some of the splinters in the wood, leaving gashes in the surface.  [I've been interested in exploring the idea of beauty and suffering through various processes and materials]



I went back and filled the gashes with white pigment.



Then went outside with my torch and some book pages.  My goal: to create ash and see if it makes for a nice gray/ black color.  I had used ash before – literally embedded into my encaustic work for a solo show I did back in Atlanta.  But this time, I wanted to grind and pulverize the ash to make pigment.






It’s fascinating to me that something can be so beautiful, yet involve destruction at the same time.



Next it was time to pulverize the ash– yet another method of destruction / refining.



The result?  A beautiful ash gray color.  I *love* it!

[insert -about 1.5 hours of playing with the new color and forgetting to take pictures- here]



The bottom left side is the ash gray color [beautiful huh?] and I added some of the burnt book page with ash coming off it.  I sealed it in with wax, then added dark sum-ink on top of that and torched it [process of destruction / refining] to break apart the ink overlaid on the text.



If you look closely, you can see some of the words peeking out from underneath the sumi-ink.  Then I got carried away experimenting with patchwork with the various materials: azurite blue, malachite green, mica, titanium white (powder pigment), and ash gray/ black.



I realized at about this point, that I should take the rest of the afternoon off to think more about what I’d like to do with this piece (and the others) before I rush ahead and ruin them.  :)



But just before I left, I added some ash gray to my mini-experiments to let them dry.


More tomorrow!