Nihonga Day 9


Mako demonstrated how to mount the Japanese paper onto our substrate.





And then we all asked lots of questions and took lots of notes.  [When you have a unique opportunity to learn from someone like Mako, you try to ask as many questions as possible!]



I wasn’t able to spend a full afternoon in the studio, so my time was cut short today.  My goal, though, was to keep hammering away at this piece.



So I tried azurite blue and burnt umber mixed with clear shellac.



The azurite blue was very subtle and didn’t mix well with the shellac (not surprising).  But I managed to rub some of the mixture over top of ash gray from yesterday.



Then I took it outside to torch it!



The azurite mixture did practically nothing as the torch burned down straight to the wood,



and the burnt umber mixture blossomed and pulled apart (as expected).



Then I realized in order to get the desired effect, I would probably have to apply the shellac mixture more liberally.


Then the flames roared [and I felt exhilaration and terror at the same time].



And I marveled at the destructive beauty happening right before my eyes.



I maybe overdid it a bit much [I always burn the marshmallows when making s'mores.  I guess I get too entranced by the flames and have no spatial awareness of roaring flames and poofy 'mallows].



But I will say I’m a lot happier with these results.




More to be done tomorrow!