Vancouver workshop

Yesterday I hosted an intro encaustic workshop for 5 eager students.  I love teaching these kinds of workshops and opening people up to the endless possibilities of working in wax!


The one day of the summer that it was rainy and chilly (notice how many layers I’m wearing)!  Fortunately, we were all dry under the overhang just outside my studio.


We covered the history, safety, materials,


making colors and layering + fusing in the first hour and a half.


It all seemed pretty tame…


and pretty normal.


Then, in the second half of the workshop I introduced them to other heating tools (primarily the blow torch) and some techniques.


And that’s when the fun really begun.  They got bold and wildly creative!


These ladies had NO FEAR.  I told Erik afterwards, that it was a blast – but perhaps my next purchase should be a fire extinguisher?!  Boy, do I love teaching!