Incarne installation

After several weeks of stewing on idea after idea and coming to grips with death after death of those ideas, I had a prophetic dream. It was the kind of dream that felt so real that when I woke up I thought it had really happened.

The “Incarne” installation was as real in my dream as it had ever been: stuffed sheep casings of shredded Bible pages hanging from a red refrigerator in the forest. I woke up and told my husband right away, so I wouldn’t forget any detail and then got straight to work. Three days later, the installation was set up and the mourning period (over the deaths of all previous ideas) had passed.


Ideally, this would be set in an environment for others to walk around, peek into and experience in 3-D. For now, however, pictures of the installation will have to suffice.



abandoned refrigerator, sheep casings stuffed with acrylic gel medium

and shredded Bible pages, light, set in the forest of Leavenworth, Washington




detail images:







I’d like to say that over the years, I have learned to cope with the death of ideas.  After all, many artists are plagued with over-active imaginations and plan up larger-than-life projects, only to be brought back to reality by someone else (or their bank account).  The weeks leading up to this installation were painful, long and nerve-wracking.  Had it not been for the dream and a really supportive husband, I’m pretty sure I would’ve given up.  In sum, art-making is not an easy venture.