Jude Graveson

I’ve been really digging the work of artist Jude Graveson lately. She’s a kiwi (which makes me love her work all the more) and works with animal guts. Since I’ve been experimenting with animal gut as well, I have found her work extremely interesting – haunting, deeply laden with meaning, and oh so beautiful.



I love what she says about her work:

“I ‘paint’ with skin, inverting the soft invisible membranes of animal gut into tangible outer shape. At first the material is spongy and opaque, fleshy and awkward… rawly physical, drying to a papery crackle.   Hatching the form, peeling and stretching, mimics a quest for meaning, a compulsion to find labels to understand.

The work is about evidence, finding clues, digesting, fabricating meaning.  The viewer is asked to decipher and transcend disturbing associations between outer and inner, attraction and repulsion; to look beyond the surface and the limitations of language……”


And you’ve got to check out this clip of her at work in her studio here!