more gutsy augenschmaus

To continue with my animal-gut related art posts lately, let me introduce you to the work of 2 artists I’ve mentioned before, but not in great length.  I’m inspired that these artists have allowed their materials to speak for themselves.  


More than their translucency or its skin-ness, I’m drawn to these materials because of their mystery; the incarnation of inner to outer.  The materials intrigue me and mesmorize me in their simplicity.  They are at once feminine  - hinting to the comfort and warmth of a womb.  They speak of new life (recontextualizing), but yet implicit in their use is the death of an animal in order to create the art piece in the first place.  Death and life, inner to outer, warmth and coldness.  Mystery and intrigue.  Femininity and spirituality.


Here’s what museum director, Liz Ganz said about Tracy Linder’s work:

“Tracy Linder examines the spiritual through the corporeal, an alchemical process that turns materials of the earth animal gut, hide, sinew into sacred objects, sacred for their quiet beauty, dignity, and depth, for their contemplative quality.”


Tracy Linder’s work:





Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk’s work:






From Jo-Ann van Reeuwyk’s artist statement:


“My pieces are essentially related to vessel making and containment.  They are also self-portraits or intimate portrayals of personalities I am contemplating and care deeply about.  I find myself exploring relationships, embodiment and containment, important aspects of the personal.”