It's been awhile since I've posted some new augenschmaus.  So here are some artists whose work I'm really digging right now, each for different reasons.  Later I'll be sure to post some of my recent encaustic sculpture work.  But for now, here's the line-up:


Celia Gray has a phenomenal grasp on color, line and composition.  Her abstract work is both calming and inspiring to me.  And while I haven't done anything with color in ages, her work is inspiring me to think about introducing some color back into my palette!  She uses watercolor, oil paint and simple line work with encaustic to create these beauties:





I like her artist statement:


I'm also digging the work of Nathan Margalit.  It's not everyday you see someone who can pull off working almost entirely in collage.  I'm particularly fond of his usage of book pages!  For some reason, I can imagine his work also translating into large bed quilts.  How beautiful would one of his paintings be draped over your bed?!




I would love to own this one.  It speaks to me on so many different levels:


I'm also a fan of his artist statement:



And finally, the work of Malisa Galizza.  Her use of embroidery, vintage items (with a naturally-browned tint) and dress patterns encourages me that just because you're working with nostalgic items does not neccessarily mean your work will automatically be drenched in sentimentality.  To use a phrase I really don't like, "don't throw out the baby with the bathwater."  In other (nicer words), if you're going to use materials like doilies, embroidery hoops, and dress patterns, you better be sure to do it well.  

I, for one, think Malisa has done it.





Here's her artist statement:


And I just love that she posts pictures of her studio!  Someday I hope to have a spacious and fun studio like this: