brought to you by the number 5

There are only 5 more days until the encaustic retreat, hosted at the lovely Grunewald Guild!  In lieu of this fact, I thought it would only be appropriate to post the top 5 reasons why you don't want to miss out on coming to this retreat.  


Besides having an endless supply of coffee and tea on hand, you will eat healthy home-made food prepared by Guild chef, Nathan.  



You will stay in cozy rooms, sit around the fireplace and share conversations with other encaustic artists (of all levels).





You will be inspired and invigorated by the surrounding landscape.  Here's one of my favorite views, just 2 miles down the road from the Guild.






You will meet and learn from 5 inspiring encaustic artists / instructors.  They're all pretty stellar, but I doubt you'll need convincing after you get a proper introduction to them:  


Patricia Baldwin Seggerbruch, author of the book Encaustic Workshop, will be leading a workshop on mark-making.  She's currently offering encaustikits and is organizing an encaustic camp.  



Kathryn Dart, current Guild artist-in-residence, will be leading a workshop on linework, and giving a presentation on some of the most inspiring contemporary encaustic work.  She is currently working on an installation involving sewing 540 paper circles.





Becky Stromberg, Seattle based artist and new encaustic convert, will be leading a workshop all about mixed media and collage.  She's recently done some wonderful encaustic collages based on listening to music and vintage photographs.





Leah Yin Sokol, Vancouver based artist, has a deep love of design, oil painting and all things related to bees.  Leah will be leading a presentation on the complicated and beautiful life of bees, as well as sharing about her current artwork.



and yours truly will be here too.  :)  I'll be teaching an introduction to encaustic workshop, as well as one on sculpture / working in 3-D.  I'm currently working on a series of pieces involving sheep casings and wax-dipped book pages.  




and  *drum roll* please.....the number

 reason why you should think about attending the encaustic retreat:


You get to use blowtorches!   Enough said.  


Here's Patricia showing one of the techniques that we'll cover this weekend: