augenschmaus: furniture installation art

I'm just a few more projects away from finishing my masters degree!  And as begin work on my last art project for my "Germany's History Through the Arts" class, I have been thinking about the
"social sculptures" of Joseph Beuys and the deeply evocative work of Anselm Kiefer.


I imagine this last project being an installation involving old chairs.  Chairs have been popping up in my work in the last 2 years:



and since I've made the jump into more 3-D work, it seems only appropriate to alter and arrange chairs for this next piece.


I'll post some images once the work is done, but in the meantime - here's some stellar installations that I can't seem to get enough of.  Talk about inspiring!  These artists are using chairs (and their alterations and arrangements) as potent metaphors and breaking the rules of "high art" and objects typically seen as serving a functional / utilitarian purpose.  Awesomeness all around.



The work of Doris Salcedo:  (view Art 21 episode of Doris at work here)




The work of Pablo Reinoso: