new work and end of year sale!

Swing by my studio tonight during Third Friday (6-9 pm | studio 103 | 807 E Main St | Durham, NC) to check out more additions to my "By Its Cover" series.  


For tonight only, these 6 new works will be on sale for $200 each, with 12% of the proceeds going to a local charity.   


Hope to see you there!





The last few centuries have seen an incredible transformation in the interpretation and usage of the book: from prized possession, to transmitter of information, to art object, to a bulky item often set aside in favor of a digital equivalent.  In this body of work, I have dismantled and reconfigured books to reflect on the past, present and future history of the written word and its relationship to culture, individuals and society as a whole.




The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

cut book, encaustic on panel



The Northeast Coast

cut book, branch, encaustic, egg shells, chicken wire on panel


The Insect Almanac

cut book, encaustic, petri dishes on panel



Masterpieces of World Literature

cut book, encaustic on panel


Coral Reefs

cut book, test tubes on panel



Britannica Atlas

cut book, telescope, glass bottles with corks on panel