revelling in the mystery

This week, I find myself trying to wrap my head around two things:

1) the mystery (and pinnacle) of my Christian faith: Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.  After all these years, I continue to be baffled.  This Holy Week has been no exception.


2) the mystery of creation.  Erik and I have been watching BBC's new documentary, "Frozen Planet."  We continue to be deeply inspired by the unbelievable footage and scientific discoveries that have been documented.  This week, I'm particularly in awe of the odd "Sea Gooseberries" (also known as Comb Jellies).  Little did I know, they have very similar traits to the creatures I've been making in my studio!  What an intricate, amazing world we live in!








And finally, here are two new altered book pieces I finished last week:






May you have a blessed Easter weekend!