Today I've been digging the work of artist Pamela J Wallace.  She uses industrial "cold" materials like steel, wire and plaster paired with natural and "warm" materials like abaca, wax and fibers in a fantastic way.  She has a background in sculpture, but she also works in 2-D / mixed media, installation and drawings.  


As Two |  2010, 7 x 13 x 4 inches, wire, wood, abaca paper, encaustic


Antennae |  2010, 16 x 8 x 3 inches, wire, abaca paper, encaustic


Interuption of the Moirai (a dangerous precedent) |   2011, 37 x 41 x 7 inches, iron, fabric, thread, graphite


Contained like a Plastic Sprout | 2011, 11 x 9 x 4 inches, wire, abaca paper, forged iron, plastic ball


so long  |  2005 40” x 16' x 2'6” forged and fabricated iron rings and stands; fabricated steel box containing 550 lbs. of anthracite coal; plaster spheres; pigment; beeswax


System outlier  |  2010 15" x 14" graphite, charcoal, collage, back side of picture frame