augenschmaus and new work

In between coming up with ridiculous puns and sketching new designs for Fontface, I've been knee-deep in a new part time job at a local art center (more information about upcoming classes soon!) and gearing up for two shows in December and January.


In my usual overly-ambitious-fashion, I'm hoping to finish two new bodies of work in time for the exhibitions.  And while I'm awful at consistent blogging, my hope is to record my work in process and bits of augenschmaus along the way.  Here goes nothing!



It's no secret that I've been completely enamored with marine life for some time now.  I could look at Ernst Haeckel's drawings, watch Blue Planet, or observe shells under the microscope all day every day.  There's a fascinating world under water and I'm intrigued, inspired and terrified - all at the same time - by its breadth.  



Last week, Erik and I had the chance to go snorkeling.  As luck would have it, we stumbled onto a school of squid!  We were stunned and completely mesmerized by their beauty and grace.  And who knew they traveled in packs??



Here's what we caught on our underwater camera:




It was exactly what I needed to get motivated and get back to work on my "creature series" of encaustic / mixed media sculptures.  And while it's still too soon to say how this body of work will for sure shape up (thank goodness for upcoming critiques and artist-gatherings!), I'm exploring a series of large-scaled drawings / diagrams that might accompany some of the sculptures.  Each sculpture is meant to look and feel as though it is a real specimen (rather than a fictitious, imaginative creature) and as though you could find the diagram in a science reference book.  



Here's my first diagram:





which would accompany this sculpture (displayed under a bell jar):







As an aside - I've been trying to get my hands on other video documentaries that highlight the bizarre and wonderful underwater world.  Anyone have any recommendations?