Sneak Peek


So if you haven't heard, we've got a new little shop called Fontface and we've been working hard on getting some new products ready!  We're putting the final touches on a 2013 calendar that will feature 12 unique designs + punny one-liners and will look great on your desk at work or at home.  I'm particularly excited that one of the designs will feature a giraffe!  I mean, who doesn't love giraffes?!  




You can follow our progress here.  And as we create new designs and come up with ridiculous puns, we'd love to get your feedback!  Vote on your favorite one-liners, like the page and leave us a note! 




And we're really pleased to announce that our products are now featured in Epona&Oak- one of our favorite shops in downtown Raleigh!  So if you're in the Raleigh area, head to E&O where you'll find our stuff and tons of other handmade goodies like soaps, clothing, jewelry and housewares.