augenschmaus: wax, cloth and steel

As I've said before, I'd love the opportunity to curate some exhibitions someday.  I love finding connections between artists who don't know eachother and the work they've felt compelled to make.  This week, I can't take my eyes off the work of artists Brenda Mallory (who I've mentioned several times before on this blog) and Susie MacMurray.  Every bit of their work- from their choice of materials, their concepts, and their choice of titles inspire and challenge me in my own creative efforts.  In fact, they've got me rethinking my current body of work.  I have imagined them entering into my studio and offering me a thorough critique, reminding me that I'm being too literal, too impatient with the materials, and too quick to settle for mediocrity.  

I'm tempted to re-post every image they have on their site, but I'll tempt you with these and leave you to explore their fantastic work on their own websites more fully.  :)


Trophy  |  Brenda Mallory  |  cloth, wax, steel | 2010



Scaffold | Brenda Mallory | waxed cloth, steel | 2008



Bloom | Brenda Mallory | waxed cloth, nuts, bolts | 2006



Anima  |  Susie MacMurray  |  air compressor hose, wax, steel bracket  | 2011



Attachment  |  Susie MacMurray  |  wax, fish hooks  |  2011



Swarm 2 |  Susie MacMurray  |  wax, steel pins  |  2011



Site-Specific Wall Drawing  | Susie MacMurray  | modeling wax, horsehair |  2008