in the studio this week

This week, I have been busy getting some more pieces ready and brainstorming names with my dad.  To narrow down the search for an appropriate scientific name, I've been looking at images of natural forms that are similar to the pieces I've made and have (whether consciously or not) inspired each work.  Peppered with a little bit of imagination, and a lot of help from a Latin dictionary, here's what we came up with.



Inspiration from natural forms:

Termite Hill and Tube Coral



Pipe Cathedral coral (Tubipora cathedralis)  |  Shannon Newby  |  wax and cloth  





Inspiration from natural forms:


Yellow Foxglove and Ficus (fig) leaves



Curling Fig (Ficus torqueo)  |  Shannon Newby  | wax, cloth and metal  |  2012




And here's a glimpse into my studio and in-process work from the week: