Small Business Saturday

One of the things I'm incredible grateful for this week is the opportunity to be creative and work alongside my husband on fun projects.  While he's been helping me put the finishing touches on my artwork for the upcoming show "All Creatures Here Below" (to open in the Artspace Lobby in conjunction with Dec 7th First Friday), he also continues to partner with me in our growing side project: Fontface.  Here's the latest and greatest news on that --




1)   This week we're being featured on The Makery.



As a result, offering a special discount price on two of our favorite items: the "You're Raleigh Awesome" card set and the 2013 desk top calendar.  {This deal only lasts for the week so if you've been on the fence about one of these items, now's the time to snatch it up.}  If you haven't signed up to receive the Makery's weekly e-news featuring all NC artists, now's the time to do it!  {Once you sign up, they'll send you the link to this week's featured items}  In addition, we encourage you to help support other local artists and small business this weekend. Why shop from a big-box store when you can buy something that is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and helps boost your local economy?   






2)    Our products are now being featured in two more locations!  



If you live in or around Indianapolis, check out Homespun: a rad little boutique that features delightful handmade goodies, and offers occasional workshops and {best part} now features our line of punny stationary!  




And if you love etsy, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by its size and popularity, check out the Supermarket.  It's an alterenative to the saturated etsy marketplace, but still maintains a similar aesthetic and commitment to all things handmade.  Fontface is now proudly selling on Supermarket and etsy, because well - we're that cool.  {or more likely, we're that interested in getting our products to a wider audience}  





3)  We're all over social media.  


So check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!



We certainly hope you have a heart-warming Thanksgiving!  Thank you {you know who you are} for supporting us in our creative ventures!