I've posted about artist Jessica Drenk's work several times before (probably because she ranks in my current list of top 5 visual artists), but seeing her newest pieces featured on one of my favorite blogs, This is Colossal, brought her newest body of work - Implements, featuring sculptures made from sanded pencils - to my attention.  Her work is definitely an eye-feast and makes me want to hoard a bunch of items, glue them all together and sand the heck out of them.  



Formation |  Jessica Drenk  |  wood pencils, glued and sanded together  |  2' x 4' |  2012


Implement 9 | Jessica Drenk |  cedar pencils | 25" x 24" x 19" |  2012


Implement 3 |  Jessica Drenk  |  pencils, glue | 20" x 11" x 11" | 2012




And I love what she has to say about her work:

"By transforming familiar objects into nature-inspired forms and patterns, I examine how we classify the world around us. Manufactured goods appear as natural objects, something functional becomes something decorative, a simple material is made complex, and the commonplace becomes unique. In changing books into fossilized remnants of our culture, or in arranging elegantly sliced PVC pipes to suggest ripple and wave patterns, I create a connection between the man-made and the natural."