New art installation: we'd love for you to participate!


Erik and I have been busy working on an art installation, called “Ethnographic 2013."  It's a collaborative project that will be displayed in the Raleigh Artspace Pop Up Gallery.  We are inviting anyone (and everyone!) to answer the question: What does the next generation need to know?

By collecting, visualizing and archiving the responses to this question (an ethnographic study), we hope to capture a legacy of sorts to pass onto the next era.  More about this project and the art process can be found on our website here.

The installation is meant to be interactive and community-driven, so we’d love for you to participate! 


Ethnographic 2013: a collaborative art project by Erik and Shannon Newby


Here’s what you can do:

1)  Visit this website and answer this question in 160 characters (the size of a tweet) or less.

What does the next generation need to know? 

2) Use your blogs, social media networks and word of mouth to help us spread the word!  The more data we collect from around the world, the more interesting the installation will be.


3) If you live in the Raleigh area, come out and see the work in person!  

Attend the opening reception 

this Thursday, April 18,  5-7 pm in the Artspace Pop-Up Gallery and Studio

4421-103A Six Forks Rd (across from Black Cat Cafe), Raleigh 

The exhibit will be up until June 29th, so check it out several times to see the work evolve!