creative juice: kids playspaces


my belly photo progression


There's an undeniable "baby cloud" that has been hovering over my head for a few months now, but now that I'm at 39 weeks, it seems unavoidable.  (If you're just tuning in, this blog has been a bit saturated in the last few months with posts on creative kids projects, an artist-mother in residency, a recent art installation inspired by becoming a mother, and artful parenting)  


I've been thinking a lot about creative spaces for kids.  What kind of environment is most conducive to imaginative, whimsical, unstructured play?  What kind of toys, objects, colors, textures, or props would make such a space ready and inviting for a child of any age to dream, create and play?  I certainly don't have any answers, but I have been excited to find some images and resources that have been fueling my thinking of how to transform our current office / home studio space into a kids playspace:


kids playspace inspiration board

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And I imagine this blog may be stale for a little while until I'm on the other side of pregnancy.  Until then, happy creating!  :)