interview with Leslie Pearson

Leslie Pearson | detail of


So I've mentioned artist Leslie Pearson on here a lot lately.  She and I have become fast friends and artistically, we're kindred spirits.  We seem to have an uncanny amount of things in common.  Not least of which is our love of odd materials like hog gut, and an endless fascination with vessel and pod-shaped things. 



Leslie Pearson | detail of

She was recently interviewed about her work here.  It's a great read!




Leslie Pearson | studio shot

1,100 sf studio right in her own home, say what?!  I'm green with envy!  :)



Leslie Pearson | process shot

And her process shots of working with gut remind me of my installation "Incarne" 2 years ago...




Making of "Incarne" from Erik Newby on Vimeo.



Leslie, if you're reading this, there's a house 5 doors down from mine that's for sale.  You and your husband are welcome to move here and collaborate with Erik and I on - well, just about anything.  :)