Installation time!

It's always ALWAYS bittersweet when installation day rolls around... On the one hand, it's incredibly exciting to see days, weeks, (in this case - months) of work come together.  On the other hand, it signifies the project is coming to a close.

The Marbles Playdate with an Artist residency has been nothing short of amazing.  I've loved every minute of it--  the weeks of planning and prep with the museum staff, the hundreds and hundreds of kids that helped me dip fabric in wax, draw on coffee filters, stuff gloves with tissue paper, poke toothpicks into styrofoam balls, the hours and hours of reef-construction in my studio... even "Ethel," the cranky pufferfish, will be sorely missed.

This week as the biggest, most colorful, permanent public installation I've ever made goes up, I'm simultaneously doing a happy and sad dance.  (which is awkward to do, let alone to witness, let me tell you)

To the staff and kids at Marbles Kids Museum - you are absolutely awesome.  You hold a special place in my heart of hearts.

Coral Reef Installation Marbles Museum