Launching Kid Lab

After an immensely fun experience creating a giant coral reef at Marbles Kids Museum, I decided to extend the creative hooligans and turn my home studio into a kids playspace!  Now, I'm tickled pink to announce the official launch of KID LAB - a kid's studio designed for loads of tinkering, exploring and making plenty of messes!  Have munchkins who might enjoy an art class?  Know a nanny or caregiver who should know about this new kids space in Raleigh?  Help me spread the word!  Classes are intentionally small, so be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot.  Check it out here-  And follow the fun on Instagram @newbyart or #kidlabraleighKid Lab  

Installation time!

It's always ALWAYS bittersweet when installation day rolls around... On the one hand, it's incredibly exciting to see days, weeks, (in this case - months) of work come together.  On the other hand, it signifies the project is coming to a close.

The Marbles Playdate with an Artist residency has been nothing short of amazing.  I've loved every minute of it--  the weeks of planning and prep with the museum staff, the hundreds and hundreds of kids that helped me dip fabric in wax, draw on coffee filters, stuff gloves with tissue paper, poke toothpicks into styrofoam balls, the hours and hours of reef-construction in my studio... even "Ethel," the cranky pufferfish, will be sorely missed.

This week as the biggest, most colorful, permanent public installation I've ever made goes up, I'm simultaneously doing a happy and sad dance.  (which is awkward to do, let alone to witness, let me tell you)

To the staff and kids at Marbles Kids Museum - you are absolutely awesome.  You hold a special place in my heart of hearts.

Coral Reef Installation Marbles Museum


Spring artist residency at Marbles

The cat's outta the bag!  I've been selected as the Spring 2015 artist in residence at Marbles kids museum in downtown Raleigh!  Now through the end of May, I'll be working with the Marbles staff to design and make a large-scale coral reef made primarily from upcycled materials and wax.  We'll also be designing some workshops for kids to come and help me make it.  Kids + art + wax = epic fun! Here's a sneak peek into my studio and some early prototypes:

IMG_2224     IMG_8645



















Catching Up

Oh dear.  Has it really been nearly a year since I blogged last?  Whoa.  My oh my how time flies. Well, here's a super brief recap of what's happened since then. 1.  Erik and I completed the year-long mentorship program for our Fontface business!   Fontface has now officially taken on a life of its own, complete with its own branding separate from my fine art.  And while the FF blog is also sadly out of date, it will be refreshed soon with some exciting announcements!

2.  I have moved out of my studio at Artspace.  It was a tough decision, but one I made with clarity and confidence, knowing I was weeks away from stepping foot into a dream studio right in my own home.  (see #4)

3.  I completed a major commission in November.  The Renaissance hotel (Washington DC location) commissioned me to make 3 pieces.  If you're lucky enough to spend a night in the Presidential Suite of the Renaissance hotel in downtown Washington DC, well... then, say hello to my art.  And while you're at it, send me a picture or two so I can see it in context.


4.  We moved into a house!  Our very first home purchase (eek!) and it just so happens to be nestled on a private lake, have amazing natural light and provide a gorgeous backdrop for art making.  Total swoon.  We are tickled pink to be putting down roots here in Raleigh, NC and have crazy big plans for what this property may become in the coming years.  My studio (formerly used as a sunroom and psycho-therapy room) is currently undergoing a major overhaul.  Teal carpet is being removed, floors sealed, walls painted, shelves and tables put up....dreamy creative spaces don't make themselves overnight.  Or so I keep telling myself.  :)

front and back yard

studio makeover